Just Start


“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

                                                 – Walt Disney

The hardest part of any journey can be simply starting. Having potential is one thing, lots of people have potential. But how many people do nothing with it?  Ideas, skills and talent are great; but the cemetery is full of people who had potential.

It’s here that I always think of the classic movie cliche… “I could have been a contender!”

However you got here, choice or accident, thank you! Please have a read, share a comment, let me know what you think. Its community that keeps the idea alive.

So, starting something new can seem scary. But you don’t have to change the world, reinvent the wheel or run a 4-minute mile. Whatever your goal is, starting is what matters, but it’s hard. It’s a lot easier to have another drink or raid the fridge and see whats on TV tonight!

Also, It can be seductive to fall in love with the initial idea, vision or goal. But as it starts to grow, it might get scary and you might start to doubt that you will be able to do it. It’s easy to talk yourself out of things and your family and friends might try as well because they’re scared for you. But, as long as you start, you’ll have achieved 100% more than those who never do. (This is something I have to keep reminding myself.) What works for me is to start by making small changes, being consistent. I believe consistency beats talent every time and Rome wasn’t built in a day!

You don’t have to be naturally gifted, especially talented or have grown up with a wealth of resources to achieve something exceptional! Small wins will reinforce and combat those negative thoughts and beliefs that try to hold you back. Small wins will help sustain your motivation and create positive habits that get you one step closer to overarching goals. Start small, think big.

So what is it? Want to write a book, lose weight, earn more money or improve your time keeping and turn up on time occasionally. Don’t just talk about it, because if you change nothing, nothing changes.

Naturally, you spend more time in your own head, with your own thoughts than anyone else. Like it or not, your brains wired to protect you if something seems scary. Your brain will try to find a way to protect you, a reason or an excuse not to do it. That’s where the small wins come in. Until something happens or changes your friends, family and you have no evidence that its going to be OK. Your brain doesn’t like this, but without evidence (the small wins) it stays scary. Trust your gut, push through it and ignore the negative self-speak, or the well intentioned family member that might try and talk you out of it. You wont know unless you do it. If it doesn’t work out, you learned something, so there is no FAIL. It’s only a loss, if you never try.

Don’t get me wrong, the protection instinct is natural. It’s the thing that kept us alive. But in a modern context knowing when you really do need to run from a bear Vs. managing your anxiety about a new adventure and not being talked out of it is key. Just recognise it and be aware of it. For the most part, it comes from a good place. You want my advice, love losing! It’s only a fail if you give up. So change your perspective, when I say love losing – I mean see each step that didn’t work, as one more thing that your learned along the way. It’s a process, knowing what doesn’t work, is getting you closer to the thing that does work.

Sounds easy, but in reality, it’s practice. Take risks, but don’t be reckless. You don’t need all the answers, you’ll work it out on the way. If you wait to have all the answers, it will never happen. But, be prepared to make changes along the way, go for it, take a leap of faith.

Here’s some of the things that work for me, lets see if you agree? –

Have a passion – be hungry. If you want to sustain your motivation you have to be passionate. You can’t do it because someone else wants you to. You have to do it for yourself. If you’re hungry you’ll get up early. You’ll put in a few extra hours after work, you’ll begin to live it rather than just talk about it. Small wins = big changes.

Take action and deliver on it. If it doesn’t work, try again and keep trying. If you hit an obstacle don’t quit, find a way around it. Don’t let your brain try and talk you out of it again, it will try. The value of your goal isn’t the goal, its what you become and the changes you make and the challenges you face to get there. Even if you never reach the final goal, the journey forces you to grow. It’s your passion that will get you through it. You’re doing it for you, no one else.

The harder you work the luckier you get, each road you take will lead you to something else a new idea, a new approach, opinion or technique that you wouldn’t have otherwise discovered if you never started. Be open and prepared to make changes. Don’t follow the path everyone else has already walked, carve out your own and lead others through it.

When it gets tough – remember why you started. Fight back, your the star of your own show, not an extra on someone else’s! Have a GOAL, keep it in mind. You’re not there yet, but the things you are doing are moving you closer. Your not there yet, so what? Look at the progress you are making and know that what your doing is working.

Remember, the goals important, but what you become in order to achieve that goal is key. It’s about what you become along the way. Everything you own, your house, your car, your money or status can be taken or lost. You are not the car you drive, the phone you use or the street you live on, you’re you. Those skills and the habits last for a lifetime. A little pressure now, will pay dividends over and over gain in all walks of life.  

So, here’s to starting!

Say Hi to your family, Tell them you love them…and for now it’s Goodnight JonBoi.

It's been a busy couple of months. Met some amazing people and wanted to share some of those ideas.

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